Influenster 2014 Uni VoxBox Sneak Peeks!

Hey everyone! As you may or may not know, the Influenster VoxBox is a free (yep, you heard that right!) samples box that is given to a bunch of Influenster users every month. I recently qualified for my first free beauty box, the Uni VoxBox, and I’ll be updating this post to keep track of the new sneak peeks they’re giving out of it on their FaceBook. So excited!


A little about Influenster: yes, it’s completely free, and it’s completely legitimate! They send you a box full of free samples, which can be anything from beauty products to a bag full of Hersheys, if they’ve decided you’re a good match,  but who gets the survey and included into the selection seems to be semi-random. After all, it’s free, so there’s probably not enough to go around. However, the higher your “Influence” score is, the more likely you’ll receive a box. You can increase your score by being active on social media and unlocking Expert Badges! It’s super fun!

Anyway, onto the sneak peaks for the 2013 Uni VoxBox! This is a beauty box specifically for university students, which is why I think I qualified!  Image

Sneak Peak #1: The Pilot Acroball Pen


Price: ~$2.23 ($27.67 / dozen)
Description of product: “Pick up a pen that writes as brilliantly as it looks. The stylishly designed Acroball PureWhite uses a vibrant hybrid ink that’s a combination of the best of a ball point and the best of a gel.”

As a college student, you can never have enough pens. And those you do have are usually free and painful to write with. Not to mention I lose pens often. I’ll be happy to get a nice pen with great ink. Image

Sneak Peak #2: NYC Expert Last Lipstick

“NYC Expert Last Lipstick is the next product in the #UniVoxBox – Who’s ready to go fashionably fuchsia this spring?”


Price: €1.99 ~ €2.49 ( $2.73 ~ $3.45USD)
 “The New NYC Expert Last Lipstick is moisturising, comfortable and longwearing, it stays on up to 6 hours. Discover the wide range of shades developed to match your every mood and style!”

Who wouldn’t get excited about free makeup, especially lipsticks from a decent drugstore brand like NYC? Not sure if they’re only offering it in the fuschia color though. Image Bright pink lipsticks are kind of intimidating, so I hope they’re offering more than just one shade!

Sneak Peak #3: Red Rose Real Tea Black Tea Premium Water Enhancer

“Just in time for iced tea season! Red Rose Tea water enhancers transform an ordinary drink into an extraordinary thirst quencher. Influenster Nation tests it in the #UniVoxBox.”


Price:  $4.99
Description: Red Rose Real Teas combine high-quality tea with traditional, all-natural flavors. They are also lightly sweetened, containing only five calories per serving, which is one squeeze of the concentrated tea per an 8-ounce glass. In addition, mixing is not required.”

Sneak Peak $4: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation 


Price: $4.99
Description: “A feather light, oil free formula with an airy mousse texture that won’t feel heavy or greasy. Delivers all day shine control and blends flawlessly for a natural looking matte finish.”

Officially confirmed to the this foundation after much speculation! I’m excited to try out new foundations, especially a mousse one. We originally speculated that this was the one included due to the color choices, and it turns out we were right.

Sneak Peak #5: Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure


Price: $5.99
Description: “Gel shine in no time. Fast and fabulous. No damage. No glue, no dry time, no drama. Lasts up to a week!”

I honestly have no idea how this is supposed to work. Are they nail stickers? Then why are they in a nail bottle packaging form? Is it a bottle? Do I have to use the nail polish brush for anything?? The packaging is a bit confusing, but I’m excited to try it out.

Sneak Peak #6: Playtex® Sport® Fresh Balance™


Price: $11.99
Description: Your active life demands Sport Level Protection and Comfort from Playtex Sport. Every period, every day. 3 Levels to Protection and Comfort.”

As a girl, well, pads and tampons are expensive. I’m pretty happy that they’re including tampons in this box! Because, well, I need to use them every month, and… okay, well, this is pretty self explanatory. Yay!

tumblr_me09lfQk7l1qdlkygThe total price tag for this box is an amazing $33.19 worth of products, for absolutely free! I’m so excited to get this Uni VoxBox, like you can’t imagine!! Wahoo!!!