[REVIEW] Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen First Trial Kit 3pc



After hearing lots of great things about Korea’s skincare products, I went ahead and bought my first trial skincare kit online from Etude House. It’s the Moistfull Super Collagen trial kit, and after using it for 5 days, I can finally conclude about my findings on this product! Etude House has an entire line for the Moistfull Collagen set, but I only opted to get these 3.

I got the trial kit from cosmetic-love.com, which is a Korea beauty retailer. The box came beautifully shipped and included several skinfood samples as well! As of the writing of this post, they offer free shipping worldwide and have a special 20% off sale certain brands. Image


The Moistfull Super Collagen set is supposed to “experience the moment of skin elasticity” and boasts of having products that contain “collagen and baobab mucin that protects your skin from dryness”. We’ll see if it lives up to its claims! ImageCollagen is a connective protein that is commonly found in both plants and mammals, but it seems like the Moistfull set only takes collagen from trees (perhaps specifically the baobab tree)?

Absolutely adorable paper pink packaging with a little diagram in Korean. Sadly, I can’t speak Korean, but I was able to find a set of instructions in English on how to use these three products. I used these products for 5 days straight before I went to bed. I’ll review them in the order that they came in.

#1: Moistfull Super Collagen Ampoule Essence 25ml


According to the instructions, the ampoule essence is supposed to be used right after “basic skincare” (aka cleansing your face and moisturizing it). It contains a whopping 90% collagen according to the online instructions! It’s also supposed to “give smooth and elastic skin with intensive tightening care” and “sticky formation gives you feeling of moisture and elasticity”. The English translation wasn’t that great.



With such a small bottle, you have to shake it a few times for it to get out of its bottle. It is a clear, slightly viscous liquid. But it still pretty fluid and moves around easily. It also has a very faint, citrus / clean scent.

It absorbs semi-easily into the skin. It gave my skin a shiny glow for a minute or two as it settled into my skin. A lot of it can be spread over your face, so I didn’t need a lot of product in order to cover my entire face with it. It felt cool on my skin, and afterwards my skin felt a bit sticky, but cool and soft at the same time. It didn’t exactly make my skin feel any more “elastic” though!

#2: Moistfull Super Collagen Cream 10ml



The super collagen cream is supposed to be used right after you put in the ampoule essence. Make sure your skin is dry before putting it on! This boasts of having 63% collagen and is supposed to “double the elasticity of your skin” (many mentions of elasticity here) and is supposed to moisturize your skin.


This cream is very thick and difficult to scoop out with your finger, so I definitely recommend buying a small spatula or spoon to help scoop it out! It also applies quite easily to the skin and has a faint citrus / clean scent. Overall it feels like a normal moisturizer, but feels a bit heavy afterwards. It also makes my skin feel a little tight (“elastic?”) and keeps it feeling very moisturized, albeit in a rather heavy way. I have oily skin, so I would recommend this moisturizer for those with dry or normal skin. It definitely kept my skin moisturized for the entire night! Image



You can tell that it’s really thick and hard to spread out / scoop out!

#3: Moistfull Super Collagen CC Cream SPF 32++/PA++ 5g



This is very much like a regular CC cream, except it contains 30% collagen and is supposed to “give moisture all over your tightened skin” boasts of improvements of “whitening, wrinkle improvement, sunblock”. It gives pretty decent coverage and covers most of my flaws — it is a lot like a regular CC or BB cream. It still has that nice citrus scent though! Although compared to other CC creams, this isn’t much different, but has SPF and medium coverage. It’s a pretty nice CC cream but it only comes in 2 shades. It blends very easily and very little goes a long way.




After using this set for 5 days straight, this is what I concluded. It is a set that is VERY good at moisturizing your skin for up to hours at a time! It also makes my skin feel very clean and soft after I apply the products, and it smells very nice too (although it scent disappears after you apply it). I wake up in the morning and my skin is still moisturized. Image The ampoule essence by itself can make my skin feel a little “tighter” and it does brighten my skin although the effect is only temporary. As for the “elasticity” that is so claimed, I didn’t notice anything significant.

However, this is a very heavy moisturizing cream set. I do not recommend it for people like oily skin like me because I found that halfway through the next day my oil production was off the roof! Image I had to constantly blot my face to keep my face from looking excessively dewy and oily, but I can vouch that it is a great moisturizing set and keeps your face feeling moisturized all day.

I also have sensitive and acne-prone skin, so I can happily say that after using it for 5 days, it did not make me break out at all. Score! Image

I have done some research as well and found out that the collagen in the products don’t actually do much. They don’t get absorbed into your skin or fuse with your skin’s natural supply of collagen. Instead, the collagen in the products mostly stay on top of your skin since it is too large to penetrate the skin. However, studies do indicate that it is great for moisturizing, which is on track with my findings!


  • Excellent for moisturizing!
  • Very affordable (managed to snag the set at only $7!)
  • Little goes a long way
  • Did not break out
  • Lovely, faint citrus / clean scent
  • CC cream contains SPF and offers medium-decent coverage
  • Skin feels soft and clean after applying


  • Did not notice any “elastic” or “tightening” differences as claimed
  • Not good for oily skin — the moisturizing was too heavy and caused lots of uncomfortable oil production
  • Difficult to get out of the bottles and containers

All in all, I think this is a lovely product if you would like to moisturize your skin. Image I believe the cream would do the job just fine by itself, since the Ampoule essence and the CC cream seem like regular products. The ampoule essence did make the cream be absorbed easier however. I would not repurchase because it isn’t suited for my oily skin. I’ll stick with my regular light moisturizers! However, I’ll keep using a little bit of the cream and essence when my skin feels dry, and the CC cream is lovely as well.

I think it’s a good thing to buy the trial kit to see if it’s right for you! It’s not an earth-shattering or revolutionary product like it mostly claims to be. It’s just average, but if you’re looking for a moisturizer, this is the thing for you. This was a great kit to get started into Korean skincare and I’ll be purchasing more trial kits in the future, so stay tuned!




Simple Everyday Tips to Keep Your Skin Clear

Hi everyone! In my teenage years I was a sufferer of chronic acne, and my face looked absolutely horrendous. Needless to say it really did a number on my self esteem, and I desperately researched ways to keep my skin clear and healthy. I’ll share my everyday tips with you!

I’m in college now and I’m happy to say that my skin, while not completely devoid of pimples, is TONS better than it used to be. Here are some things that I keep in mind everyday in order to keep my skin clear. It doesn’t involve an extra routine, but just things to keep in mind while you go about your every day schedule. Image


1) Drink lots of water! Image

Water is what detoxes your system. Have a headache? Drink hot water. Tired? Drink some water. Drinking lots of water flushes out all the salts and wastes in your body, so having more water in your system can’t hurt. Try to drink a decent amount of water each day in order to keep your skin as clear as possible — when you don’t flush those items out of your system, they reappear in form of other blemishes on your body.

My favorite way of doing this is by drinking fruit water. You get the benefit of the fruit / herbs too, plus it’s tastier! Here are some tips for DIY fruit water.

DIY Fruit Water TipsImage

  • Ingredients: Fruit, ice, container, water
  • Fruit Suggestions: Apples, citrus, basil, mint, strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, grapes, cucumber
  • Step 1: Pick your fruit / ingredients, and chop them up into slices so that they can seep into the water.
  • Step 2: Place fruit on the bottom of the container, add water and ice
  • Step 3: Drink! Or put it in your fridge to let it seep in more flavor.


2) Clean your pillowcase / bedsheets / towels regularly! 

You wouldn’t rub your face on a dirty, oily rag for 8 hours straight, would you? That’s essentially what you do when you go to bed every night if you don’t properly wash your pillowcases! I started to wash my pillowcases more often — at least once a week — and when I couldn’t I would fit my pillow with a shirt. My skin cleared up a bit noticeably after I started doing this.


3) Avoid eating junk food

This is important! Foods that are high in MSG, fat, or sugar will be a death sentence for my skin the next day. I try to eat less at In-n-Out or french fries so that the next day I won’t regret it.

Here is a list of foods that I try to eat less:

  • Chocolate Image
  • Chocolate / caramel candy bars (i.e. Snickers)
  • Instant noodles (SO much sodium — one bowl is usually 50% – 100% of your daily sodium intake!)
  • Fast food
  • Fried chicken
  • Chips
  • Soda

What to do when you DO consume these foods? See tip #1. Flush all of that guilty deliciousness out of your system by drinking lots of water.

These are just some simple tips, but I hope they helped! Image Be kind to your body and be kind to your skin. What are some of your everyday skin-care tips?