[REVIEW] Skinfood Glacial Water Mask Sheet

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted, life has been hectic lately. I picked up one of my first Korean skin care masks at my local mall the other day and I’ve decided to review Skinfood’s Glacial Water Mask Sheet. Yay!


Name: Glacial Water Mask Sheet (Toning & Soothing)
Brand: Skinfood
Price: ~$1.50 in store, buy it here or in other places online

I got the cotton one since I had to buy some for my sisters as well.

Skinfood released a new line of “glacial water” skin masks, which unlike most skin masks which are based around honey, caviar, or a bunch of random stuff, this is based around water. They also have several other types of “water” masks which include thermal and deep sea and each one has different effects. There sadly weren’t any other masks in the store, so I just picked this up for my skin as a treat.

I have to say this wasn’t one of the best masks I’ve purchased before. It’s hard for it to stick onto your face. The mask stings a bit while it’s on. There’s no fragrance, which is good. Instructions say to “Open the pouch and remove the film from the mask. Apply the mask to the face, and then remove after 20 to 30 minutes.” I left it on for 30 minutes and took it off.

IMG_5634 IMG_5635

The first thing you will notice when you put on the mask is that it is incredibly cooling / chill. It will make your skin feel very refreshed and cool, which will feel awesome during the summer or if you accidentally sunburn your face. It isn’t runny at all but there is some difficulty sticking it to your face and dry out a little by the end which will not help with the sticking.

With that being said, I didn’t really notice anything significant after I took my mask off. My face seemed a bit brighter and it was moist (as expected). It wasn’t one of the best masks I’ve used, and my skin felt and looked the same when I woke up from bed the next day. Overall you get what you pay for, but I highly recommend this mask if you’re looking for something to cool down your face or help with sunburns!



Before & After ~ Not much difference (a little brighter)? Doesn’t really help with redness. The lighting is a bit different too.


Bonus pic of me and my sister looking extremely attractive while doing the mask.