[FASHION] Vintage? And florals? For spring? Groundbreaking! + Free $5 Etsy Gift Card

Okay, so maybe flowers for spring aren’t as groundbreaking as I thought they were, but they’re a classic! Here are a few jewels I’ve found while browsing my most recent obsession, etsy. Most are out of my budget but it’s great fashion inspiration. Most of these clothes are vintage or thrifted, which I absolutely adore. Anyway, here’s my first lookbook as we transition from winter into spring!

Favorite Top for Spring: Vintage, printed, patterned blouses

ImageOne of my favorite finds ever would be finding vintage, quirky, printed blouses made of chiffon or polyester at thrift stores. With spring quickly approaching and the cold melting away, this is the perfect weather to still rock long sleeves while transitioning into spring. Image Not to mention it looks one-of-a-kind and vintage! Match it with a solid bottom and neutral accessories so you don’t overwhelm passerby. Image

Favorite Bottoms: High waisted shorts, skirts


Right now I’m lusting after a pair of velvet high-waisted shorts, which can be found on eBay for around $7~10 from China! I’m considering buying one because skater / circle skirts are super popular right now, but velvet ones give off that vintage feel as well as having a super nice texture. The texture also is great for layering and creating a different look. 2014 will be the year of high waists. Vintage is coming back. Watch out!! Image

Favorite Accessories


Spring is a time to burst into color with your tops and jackets and bottoms. That leaves room for simple, neutral and minimalistic jewelry. I’m such a fan of etsy’s awesome jewelry community, which crafts jewelry naturally with gorgeous artistic results. Image The vintage finds of shoes and purses are excellent, albeit a bit pricey, haha. But it’s so inspirational and I think I’ll order a pair of earrings when I can!

Free Etsy Gift Card You Say?

Yep! Click here to redeem your free $5 gift card from Etsy. It’s my own personal referral link, which is why you’ll be able to get the $5. However, the $5 can only be used in Canadian dollars and NOT USD. The Canadian dollar is slightly weaker than the US Dollar, and 1USD = 1.11CAD. You can only use it for purchases over $10 CAD and it expires within a couple of months, but I just thought I would share.

Happy shopping everyone! Image What are you looking forward to for spring?


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