My free Burberry Brit Rhythm perfume samples arrived today!

I signed up for free samples on the Burberry website for their new perfume, Burberry Brit Rhythm, and today it came in the mail! It’s completely free to sign up for samples.

Here is the link I used to sign up for samples.


It came with a very heavy postcard and 3 little foil samples. These samples aren’t anything I’ve seen before — they are “scent tattoos” and basically you have to get it wet and press the temporary tattoo onto your skin, which will release the scent. It’s a pretty interesting way to get a perfume on, I guess. Anyway, I won’t complain because it was free and they included 3 of these tattoos! Image


Anyway, I did a sample test on my wrist and it came out rather weak… I didn’t expect much power from this little cardboard tattoo thing anyway. There seems to be a very “clean” and slight lavender scent. It reminds me of soap and powder with a little bit of florals mixed in.

I thought I would just share this free samples with you guys. It took about a month for it to arrive in the mail and I had completely forgotten about it, and I don’t think there’s any guarantee you’ll get it, but it’s free and only takes a minute to sign up. So why not? Have a great day everyone! Image


3 thoughts on “My free Burberry Brit Rhythm perfume samples arrived today!

  1. I got this sample too, and it just made me angry. I could barely smell the perfume myself and the lame application just seemed cheap. It’s not like Burberry is hard up for money, so I thought they could have done a little better sample. The goal is to encourage me to buy the product right?

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