[REVIEW] Mini Daiso haul!

Hi everyone! I just got back from a mini shopping spree with some spare change from Daiso. If you don’t know what Daiso is, it’s basically a Japanese dollar store where everything is $1.50! Image Most of the items are pretty high quality and they sell everything from slippers to makeup to kitchenware.

That being said, I was excited to try out some of the Daiso makeup for $1.50 since I heard Asian dollar store makeup is safer than American ones. I’m not keen on putting cheap stuff onto my sensitive skin, but I was pleasantly surprised.


Items from Left to Right: Daiso Charcoal Cleansing Foam, Daiso Charming Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown, Daiso Cosmetic Paper (250 Sheets)

Price tag for each item? $1.50. Image It’s amazing how much you can get at Daiso for so little. But does the quality hold up to the amazing price?

(1) Daiso Charcoal Cleansing Foam Review


Small tiny balls of charcoal absorb dust and pollution. It clears dirt and sebum in pores. Make bubbles with water, softly massage and wash out.”

Charcoal has been getting really popular with skincare and makeup products, touted with its magical benefits that wipe away dirt and oil. I have oily and sensitive skin and I’ve heard good things about this product, even though it’s so cheap, and was excited to try it out. They have a Daiso Charcoal Face Mask and Cleaning Cream as well, but I decided to try this first before buying the other two. Image

The packaging for this product is very simple.It’s mostly in Japanese, although there is an English translation on the back that gives simple instructions on how to use it. You twist off the tube and squeeze a small amount of product into your hand.  The consistency and color of the product is a grayish color, slightly thick and a little runny. It has a very faint, clean soap smell. It lathers easily with some drops of water but it doesn’t turn into a foam with just hands, disappointingly (perhaps it will with a Clarisonic?).

After washing it off my face felt pretty tight. I could feel it did a deep clean. However, after a few more minutes and washing my face with some more water, my skin turned a bit soft. This cleanser is great for people with oily skin like me since it strips away your sebum skin layer (or so it claims). However by doing so you must remember to moisturize so that you don’t overexcite your skin into producing more oil than it needs. This cleanser is recommended for people with combo or oily skin, or otherwise it’d dry out your face too much. 

I haven’t broken out yet, though, which is a plus. For $1.50 it seems to be a pretty decent face wash and it can’t be beat for the price! Image

(2) Daiso Charming Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown


I bought this eyebrow pencil because — hey why not? It has a little eyebrow brush at the end too, which makes it perfect for travelling. What makes it even better is the fact that Daiso provides a lovely, sturdy little aluminum case that fits the pencil perfectly so that it’s safe and clean while you travel! Definitely a fan of this packaging and I’ll be carrying this around in my purse. Image

As far as pigmentation goes, it’s mediocre and isn’t particularly creamy or anything. The color goes onto my eyebrows easily enough and blends, but it’s very light and rather difficult to see and smudges off easily. The pigmentation could be a lot better. Image I think I’ll need to put it on thicker if I need it to work. But as far as $1.50 goes it’s not an awfully terrible eyebrow pencil, and the packaging really makes this worth it!

(3) Daiso Cosmetic Paper Oil Blotting Sheets (250)


“Desktop oil blotting paper which is designed as traditional “washi” paper box. It’s especially suited for office and makeup table. gentle to skin, and it is arranged in an “open-heart / cross” design for easy dispensing.”

I had been looking for oil blotting sheets and was pleasantly surprised to find them at Daiso! Oil blotting sheets aren’t meant to be rubbed on the face, but rather, patted so it can remove shine but not essential oils necessary for your face to remain healthy. If you rub it it will also smudge your makeup and wipe oil everywhere!

These Daiso dispensing boxes are made of cardboard and have a cute little dispensing fold thing so that you always have an easy way to get another sheet. The sheets themselves number from 100 – 300 in Daiso. It’s made of a simple little yellow sheet that turns transparent once it has absorbed your oil, and it does its job. Since I have oily skin I find it takes 2 papers for my face to be completely shine free. These are a cheap alternative to other oil blotters and it comes in an adorable box that you can set on your table! Image



For $1.50, I really can’t complain about the quality of these products, but they’ve surpassed my low expectations and perform surprisingly well. My sensitive oily skin is saying thank you! I can’t wait to pick up some more Daiso makeup goodies when I’m back. They aren’t anything like high-end makeup, but are convenient for travelling and for basics. For the price and the quality it simply can’t be beat. I love Daiso. Image


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