[REVIEW] Victoria’s Secret Seduction Dark Orchid Eau de Parfum

Hey everyone! Quick review today on Victoria’s Secret Seduction: Dark Orchid Eau de Parfum (sounds fancy, doesn’t it)!? Image Usually Victoria’s Secret has flirty and sweet perfumes, and I was surprised to find out that this did not fit the usual pattern! Let’s get started with a little information on this product.

I bought a sample size off eBay for an awesome $0.50! Unfortunately they aren’t always available, but here is the search link for anyone who’s interested in buying a sample size like mine. (To do it manually, just search “victoria’s secret dark orchid” and sort by price — usually the sample sizes are the cheapest!)


Name: Victoria’s Secret Seduction: Dark Orchid Eau de Parfum
Description: “Designed to seduce the senses, Dark Orchid is a signature blend of midnight orchid, crushed plum and oud wood. Spray on to wrap skin in dark luxury.”
Fragrance Type: Warm
Price: $52 – $68

Now, onto the actual review! Image

Packaging: Where to begin with this little sample size? It’s a small rollerball-style sample, which you press onto your skin instead of spraying. It comes with an adorable black satin baggie that has pink ties to help you store and find it. The sample size is actually quite tiny and doesn’t hold a lot of product in it, but hey, that’s what samples are for right? Image

Product: What a lovely scent! I have several Victoria’s Secret body sprays and they are all sweet-smelling, so I was surprised to find this product as a more sexy and mature type of perfume. It’s darker and warm, and has great lasting power. A little goes a long way. It has an elegant, deeper scent great for classy nights out and great for Fall – Winter. It smells like a rich wood, plum. At first it is a little strong but then it goes a little softer and turns into a classic vanilla / creamier scent, and rather sensual at that.

☛ Conclusion ☚ : ★★★★✩ 4/5 Stars

I’m in love with this perfume! I took a star off though because it’s a bit pricey for my college student budget. Hopefully they’ll be able to release a smaller bottle someday. Dark Orchid is perfect for days where you have a fancy night out or simply like to dress up. It’s not your typical sweet-smelling perfume and has a more mature scent to it. I’m excited to buy a full bottle once my tiny sample dries up. Image


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