[REVIEW] Make Up For Ever Aqua Liquid Eyeliner in 13 Matte Black


Hey everyone! Image This is my first review for makeup and it’s on my very first high-end, non-drugstore product: MUFE’s Aqua Liner in 13 Matte Black! I was super hyped about this eyeliner since it has gotten decent reviews on it’s staying power. I expected something great especially due to it’s rather high price tag, but I’m sorry to say that it has disappointed me. A lot. But before we get into that, let’s learn a little more about this product in general:


Brand: Make Up For Ever / “MUFE”
: $21.00 – $23.00
Size: 1.7ml / 0.058oz
What Is It: Liquid Eyeliner
Description: “A highly pigmented, waterproof liquid eyeliner with non-stop results. Rich in polymers, this superior eyeliner offers an impeccable hold that guarantees water-, tear-, and smudge-proof color.”

Image Time to move onto the review on the product itself. I was super excited to try this out, especially since I have the dreaded hooded eyelids that makes liquid eyeliner my enemy. I am always, always on the lookout for a TRUE smudge-proof, long-lasting liquid eyeliner that doesn’t give me panda eyes. With that being said… let’s see how MUFE’s Aqua Liner held up!

Packaging: The applicator itself is rather slim, and rolls around easily in your hand. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around. It’s sleek and sexy with a glossy black finish.

ApplicationWarning: This eyeliner is not friendly to makeup beginners!  Image This is the stiffest liquid eyeliner applicator that I have seen yet. It almost feels like I’m stabbing my eyelid with a stick that has paint on it. Otherwise, it has a rather long handle which  makes it easy to see what you’re doing, but the foam tip makes application hazardous for those who aren’t used to making flawless winged lines in one stroke.

Product: I HAD SUCH HIGH HOPES. ImageOn my wrist, the liquid appears very pigmented and stays on all day, but on my eyelids it’s a completely different story. It appeared watery at first so I had to put on another coat or two to make it look truly black. It seemed to dry, but it was still no match for my hooded eyelids. Instead of smudging like other eyeliners, it started to flake away completely!  Instead of being waterproof, I’d like it to be flake-proof, please! Image By the end of a 2 hour session, my eyes were completely devoid of eyeliner (except at the ends where my hooded-ness could not reach it) and scattered with little black eyeliner flakes where it had flaked off. 😦  

☛ Conclusion ☚ : ★★✩✩✩ 2/5 Stars


  • Impressive staying power when not applied to your eyelids.
  • Doesn’t smudge
  • Waterproof


  • Stiff applicator difficult for drawing accurate lines, especially for beginners
  • High price tag
  • Not that pigmented — needs several applications in order to appear truly black
  • Flakes off easily

MUFE Aqua Eyeliner is not worth the high price tag. It doesn’t smudge, and is waterproof, but flakes off very easily if you don’t apply primer and powder! What’s the point of putting on eyeliner at all if it just disappears within 2 hours? I will NOT purchase this product again. I’ve seen better drugstore eyeliners! A true disappointment. Image

Image Swatched on my wrist — it doesn’t budge at all on here! Why on my eyes? Whyyy?

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more upcoming reviews as I continue the hunt for the perfect liquid eyeliner for hooded eyes. tumblr_inline_mjs062pryZ1qdlkyg


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